"People should believe in people. My vision is to inspire people to push their boundaries of skills and creativity."


I am a worldwide known mural artist. I travel the world paintings as I go along.

I migrated to the U.S. from La Paz, Bolivia, and lived in various parts of the U.S.: at times as an immigrant, at times as a student, as an illegal alien, a full-time working resident, and eventually as a university-graduated citizen. Relating to many other first, and second-generation immigrants I found my passion in drawing and painting about my frustration to the wide gapes in cultures and opportunities of immigrants . I deeply enjoy how I can express myself at a large scale to be seen by so many others freely globally. I am passionate about art and constantly search for new inspiration around the world. I find support from like minded people who have found priorities in unity and progress for the small communities.

Artist Statement

My name is Pablo Moisés Ruiz Arroyo, and I want to change the world. During my education I was amazed in discovering how powerful changes can be generated by creative people not considered average. My great inspirations come from people who thought in different manners than their societies. In the world of artists, my major influence is Hieronymus Bosch, a Netherland artist from the XIIIth century. A surrealist so radical in his times that he was considered a heretic and almost burned for his paintings.


Things can be as simple or as complicated as we want them to be. For example: the origin of all the colours an artist can mix on a pallet comes from a simple combination of red, yellow and blue. But the results of specific combinations can take us to the reaches of the heavens or the depths of the darkness inside our emotions. In the end the question I constantly ask myself is as simple as it is complicated: What is the purpose of my art? I am not the only painter who can mix colours, but I am the only one with my observations. Every person has a specific point of view, and the purpose of my art, is to convey that every point of view is a reflection of reality distinct to every person.



ARTE HISPANA, Gallery of Virginia Commonwealth University,

VCU Richmond Virginia USA

March, 2009

“Espacio De Arte” Collective Art Exposition, Hotel Europa, La Paz Bolivia,

August 2009

“Colectivo de Grabadores Bolivianos” Collective Exposition of Bolivian Printmakers, Facultad de Architectura, La Paz Bolivia,

June 2010

“Encuentro Internacional de Historietas” International Comic Summit Exposition, Tambo Quirquincho, La Paz Bolivia,

March 2011

“Espectador”, Solo Exposition of Watercolour, Acrylic, Oil and Mixed Media Works,

Casa Espejo, La Paz Bolivia,

Febrero 2013

“No a la Violencia Contra la Mujer”, Collective Illustration Exposition, Museo Solón, La Paz Bolivia,

Mayo 2013

“Payasos, Por un Momento”, Solo Exposition of Watercolour Works, Casa Duende Café Cultural, La Paz Bolivia,

Julio-Agosto 2013

“Sueños y Deseos”

IMA Espacio Creativo, La Paz Bolivia,

Diciembre 2013

“Animal Show”

Creative IQ, San Francisco CA, USA
July 2015

Collaborative exposition with Rosmery Mamani, Arte San Miguel, La Paz Bolivia,
September 2015

Art of the Mill Exhibition – individual installation painting, No Fixed Gallery event, Woodend Victoria, AU
Feb, 2016

“Bern the System”
The Fridge, Washington DC USA
June 2016

“On My Mind”
Pop up gallery, Fashion District, LAUSA
June 2018

Solo Show
Coffee Mission, San Francisco CA USA
October 2018

Noise, San Francisco CA USA
Permanant installation 2018

“Bern the System”
The Fridge, Washington DC USA
June 2016


“Yolanda Bedregal Centenario” Live Painting at 100th Anniversary of Yolanda Bedregal (Nationally Acclaimed Poet), Plaza San Francisco, La Paz Bolivia,

September 2013

Live Digital Painting at Municipal Theater: “Un Paseo por la cueca con Entre 2 Aguas”, Teatro Municipal Alberto Saavedra Perez, La Paz Bolivia,

September 2013

“Tus Manos” Permanent Installation in Museum Pipiripi – Espacio Interactivo Memoria y Futuro, La Paz Bolivia,

Since November 2013

“Larga Noche de Museos - San Miguel” Live Action Painting & Contemporary Dance, Streets of zone San Miguel, La Paz Bolivia,

February 2014

Live Action Painting on 5m x 2m canvas & Contemporary Dance in Inauguration of “Danzenica 2014”, Plaza Abaroa, La Paz Bolivia

May 2014

Live Action Painting 5m x 5m “Evento El Gangocho”, Plaza Mayor de San Francisco, La Paz Bolivia,

October 2014

Installation Community Mural – “Colegio de Playas Guayaquil”, Playas Guayas Ecuador,

February 2015

Community Mural “Piquero Pata Azul”, Puerto Lopez Ecuador

March 2015

Historical District Mural “Locombia Hostal”, La Candelaria centro Histórico Bogotá Colombia

April 2015

Jazz Mural (Branford Marsalis) “Café Bolero”, Mexico City Mexico

May 2015

Tree of Life Mural “Intuitions”, Los Angeles California

June 2015

La Chata Mural “The House of Brakes Percita Eyes Murals Project”, San Francisco California

June 2015

Dance Mural “Kinesfera Casa Cultural Mural”, La Paz Bolivia

October 2015

Flaviadas Mural “La Fundación Flaviadas (Foundation Flaviadas)”, La Paz Bolivia

October 2015

Noise Mural, “Noise Records” San Francisco California
December 2015

Sunset Mural, “Fit Club” San Francisco California
December 2015

Simple Pleasures Mural, “Simple Pleasures” San Francisco California

February 2016

Fox Forest Mural “Brother Fox Cuisine” Hawthorne,Victoria
February 2016

Hand of Poseidon Mural, Melbourne Australia
March 2016

Bike Girl “Mottanai Bikeshop” Collinwood Victoria,
March 2016

Under the Sea mural “Arts Factory” Byron Bay, NSW
April 2016

Byron Bay alleyway Mural, “Peter Pan Travels and Republik collaborative commission” Byron Bay, NSW
May 2016

Fox Forest Mural “Brother Fox Café”,Hawthorne Victoria, Australia
March 2016

Upside Down World Mural, “Dingo Hostel” Rainbow beach, Queensland Australia
June 2016

Song of Dreams Mural, “Dreamtime Hostel” Cairns, Queensland Australia
June 2016

Great Barrier Reef Mural, “Global Backpackers” Port Douglas, Queensland Australia
September 2016

Musicians Mural, “Rock Inn” Perth WA Australia
October 2016

Pachamama en Bosque Mural, “Copley Park” Perth WA Australia
November 2016

Artists and Music Mural, “Astor Theatre interior (Historical Building)” Perth WA Australia

March, 2017

Life is a Theatre  Mural, “Astor Theatre exterior (Historical Building)” Perth WA Australia

April, 2017

Deermouse and Tiger mural, “The Birdhouse” Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

May, 2017

Bolivia mural, “La Favela” Gili Trawangan Island Indonesia
June, 2017

Brazil mural, “La Favela” Gili Trawangan Island Indonesia
June, 2017

Music and Art mural, “Ideas” Kaka’ako Honolulu, Hawaii USA

July 2017

Musical inspired mural, “Noise” San Francisco, California USA

August 2017


Exterior/Interior mural, “Cassava Restaurant”, Richmond District – San Francisco, California , USA

September 2017

Collaboration mural, “Catharsis at the National MAll”, Washington DC USA

November 2017